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Table Lamp

Light sources can make a room feel bigger, brighter, and more welcoming. You can arrange all sorts of light fixtures in your space, but nothing is more convenient than a table lamp. They are easy to reach over to turn on to provide you with a personal spot of light as you get some reading or work done. From end table lamps to lamps on your coffee table, you'll find a host of different options for your space on this list.

Whether you're adding a table lamp to your bedroom or adding a much-needed source of light to a desk, the lamps we hand-picked can get the job done. Check out our list for some inspiration.

Table lamps are a great source of lighting for living rooms, offices, and a wide range of other home environments. While you may be tempted to choose the most aesthetically pleasing option, it’s also important to look for the most reliable option overall. We have rounded up a list of our top picks here based on designs, portability, size, and cost. Check them out below!


Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I use a table lamp?

The most common place a table lamp can be found would be on a reading table in a dorm or a student’s room. However, there are many more uses the tool can be put to. Placing a table lamp on your dinner table would not only illuminate the area but can improve the décor and look of the meals. People who prefer not to eat in too-lit places but still want to be able to see their food should find this helpful. This lamp also makes working easy especially at night where others in the room need the light off to be able to sleep. A table light allows for focus which means its light does not have to spread over the entire room. Instrumentalists can also place a table light next to their musical instrument to have a clearer vision of the keys or what is being played. Table lamps when used for shooting pictures can also create an impressive effect. The portable design of the tool makes it flexible to be used for lots of purposes. 

Are table lamps worth it?

If you are unsure about getting a table lamp, the many benefits owning one can provide would clear your doubts. The convenience that comes with using a table lamp is unmatched as the tool allows you to concentrate the light on a particular area of the room. Regular ceiling lights do not provide this benefit and may inconvenience the other people in the room, not in need of the light. They also tend to be safe on the eyes especially if yours comes with a feature that allows you to alter the brightness of the light. Table lights can add style to your entire room décor since they come in different styles and designs that can be matched to the existing look of the space. Using a table lamp also requires little to no setup after purchasing, making it easy to use. 

Most Important Features
Deciding to get a table lamp is only the first step to begin to enjoy the benefits of the tool. You must get the right one that would serve the most purpose for a long time.

Size. The size of the lamp is a necessary feature to look out for and this would be dependent on the purpose you want it to serve. Be mindful of the space your table has when deciding on the size of a lamp.
Portability. Consider the portability of the lamp during purchase. This would be determined by its weight. If the weight of the lamp is too heavy, moving it around might be tasking. Lightweight lamps would be easier to switch positions and store.
Design. Choosing a lamp with a good design can improve the décor of your entire room. Pick the right shape and illumination style which you consider the most impressive.